Retail chain "Vester"

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Retail chain Vester is a part of Vester Group, was established in 2006. Today the Chain has about 30 stores in Kaliningrad’s region and features three major retail formats: hypermarket, supermarket, convenient store. The main advantage of these retail’s objects is marketing and price policy that is oriented on all consumers groups.

The mission of the Vester chain is implementation of the highest standards of customers’ service quality. The company aspires to satisfy customers’ demand to the greatest possible extend by high competence of the employees and modern trade technologies’ usage.

Corporative service company

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Corporative service company was established in 2010 with the purpose to provide corporative clients with maintenance by one-stop principle.
Corporative service company offers:

- full range of household applience and office machiniery as well as its maintenance;
- all types of expentable materials for the work of office equipmant;
- office supplies and promotional items;
- professional and technology's equipment;
- engineering, supply, installation and maintenance of fire-protective alarm and system of ССTV monitoring;
- all Vester group opportunities for legal entities.

As corporative client:
- the client purchases all necessary services at one partner;
- the client doesn't spend time on his own staff;
- the client optimeses the budget.

Corporative service Company practiсes the individual approach to every client and provides them with personal manager who is capable to give a quality consultance on all questions by provided services.

Company's web-site:

Advertising Agency "RIF"

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Advertising agency "RIF" established in 2001. "RIF" – is a part of the Vester Group and provides services in Indoor, Outdoor advertising area, mass media and Internet advertising, BTL-promotion, including development of standard and non-standard of advertising vehicles.

Agency’s partners are the largest retail chains, manufacturing companies and agencies of Russia, banks, insurance companies, government facilities. 

The company provides clients with full cycle of works, starting from creative conception and design, manufacture and placement of advertising constructions, control of advertising campaign flaw and concluding with analysis of its efficiency. 

Working principles: 
  • to provide full complex of services for development and realization of advertising campaigns, including analysis of efficiency; 
  • to develop special technology concept for every particular client or partner; 
  • to assure professional approach by means of formed pool of contractors in the field of manufacturing and placement of advertising materials; 
  • to keep single and transparent system of payments and agreements of partnership; 
  • to follow the federal standards of operation. 
Advantages of the company:
  • experience of work in advertising and marketing area let the Company reach the high level of professionalism; 
  • federal and regional clients who work with agency on an ongoing basis; 
  • formed pool of reliable contractors that provide with quality and well-timed realization of all necessary works on manufacturing, installation, monitoring and demounting; - maximum coverage of Russian regions, where stable connections that are necessary for realization of works of any level of difficulties have beenestablished. 

The "MAXIMUS" Company

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The MAXIMUS Company was established in October, 2004. At the meantime the company is the biggest whole sale and retail operator of consumer electronic, mobile telephony, household appliance, computers and office machineries of middle and high-end segments. The Company includes more than 10 stores with more than 13000 square meters of shopping capacity, located in big shopping centers in Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad’s region.

Production that is sold in retail chain "MAXIMUS":
  • TVs, LCD-TV, Plasma Display Pannels; 
  • photo- and video- cameras; 
  • DVD-players, home cinemas and HiFi-components; 
  • sound systems and tape recorders, CD-, MP3-, HDD-players; 
  • notebooks, computers and office appliances; 
  • in-car electronics; 
  • mobile phones, smart phones and communicators; 
  • wire- and wireless phones and faxes; 
  • small household appliance, kitchen and beauty appliences; 
  • washing, dishwashing and drying machines; 
  • refrigerators and deep freezes; 
  • a kitchen stoves; 
  • built-in appliences; 
  • vacuum-cleaners; 
  • air-conditioner, moisturizers and boilers; 
  • phones for home and office; 
  • gaming consoles and disks; 
  • vessels, consumer electronics’ accessorizes, video-, TV-, photo- accessorizes; 
  • tapes and CD; 
  • accessories and components. Services that are provided by "MAXIMUS" Company include: credit sale, cashless transfers, after-sale technical support.

"ALLO" chain

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Retail chain "ALLO!" has been successfully working on the market of Kaliningrad’s region for 10 years already. "Allo!" salons are independent points of sale with highly qualified staff, modern trade equipment and wide range of accessories and associated goods.

From the moment of establishment to the present day the key advantage of retail chain is availability of long-term contracts with leading producers of mobile telephony, notebooks, photo- and video equipment, accessories and associated goods.

Direct supplies from manufacturer are the guarantee of products’ reliability and quality and let to set competitive prices. The products that are realized in digital salons "ALLO!" are served in authorized service centers only. Today, the chain of digital salons "ALLO!", – is a dynamically developing chain that includes more than 12 digital salons in Kaliningrad and region.

"Grandleader" Company

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"Grandleader" company has been providing services on the market of construction and property management for more than 15 years. For this period the total amount of commercial real estate objects under the company’s management have grown up to 38 with more than 213 000 square meters of shopping capacity and more than 600 tenants.

"Grandleader" objects gained nominations for regional and international contests numerous times and got rewards equal to merit. “Grandleader’s” partners have best locations in leading Kaliningrad’s shopping malls chosen for their good transport accessibility and guaranteed consumers’ traffic. "Grandleader" company is ready to provide its partners-tenants with complex of services that guarantee stable sales and business’ success. Experienced company’s specialists will help to choose the appropriate premise from the wide range of commercial real estate objects.

The Company’s tasks:
  • Development of shopping malls in accordance to modern trends of commercial real estate market; 
  • Construction of new multifunctional trade objects; 
  • Increase of amount of objects in ownership and under management; 
  • enlargement of association of leading tenants. 

Services of "Grandleader" company: 
  • brokerage, tenants’ relations; 
  • property management, redevelopment; 
  • object’s maintanace; 
  • management of Shopping Malls’ marketing; 
  • co-investors and consumers’ search; 
  • management and development of non-core actives and land lots. 

The Company’s advantages:
  • solid experience in realization of projects in trade property area; 
  • flexible policy of cooperation with investors and trade companies; 
  • reliable and well-known partners (regional, federal and foreign retail chains); - the team of highly professional specialists

"Remtechservice" company

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"Remtechservice" company has been working on Kaliningrad’s market for more than 19 years. The company specializes on the repair and maintenance of household appliance, computers and office machineries. The Company also deals with cash-register equipment and its maintenance. Today the “Remtechservice” company serves more than 200 corporative clients.

The "Remtechservice" company offers the following services:

- diagnostics of household appliance with drawing up of report on mechanical condition of units;
- techniques’ repair on short-term conditions; 
- installation and maintenance of air-conditioners; 
- attendance-services; 
- delivery of techniques to the service center 
- preparation of full documentation package for cash-register equipment’s registration in State Tax Office; 
- cartridges refill, replacement of PC-drum, and other details of office machineries; 
- trade of toners, chips, PC-drums and etc. 

Advantages of "Remtechservice" company:

- authorization by the majority of the World’s leading electronics brands (Bosch, Canon, AEG, JVC, Sony, LG, Pioneer, Samsung and e t c);
- reliability, quality and pace of the accomplished works (more than 3500 units monthly); 
- original parts and components by the prices of manufacturers; 
- reception stations in Kaliningrad’s and Sovetsk; - special conditions of service for corporative clients.


"Knigi and Knighechki" chain

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"Knigi and knighechki" stores began to work in June, 2001. In September 2004, the business direction was allocated in separate, independent business unit.

Today "Knigi and Knighechki" is: 
- leading position on the market of Kaliningrad’s region; 
- supply to the biggest regional supermarkets; 
- cooperation with state institutions; 
- the literature of all forms and directions; 
- school writing implements; 
- highly qualified, certified saff; 
- friendly prices; 
- free delivery in Kaliningrad and region; 
- reliability and efficiency of cooperation.

"Mega-office" Сompany

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The "Mega-office" company – is the largest whole-sale and retail operator in the area of stationery trade in Kaliningrad’s region. Since 2004, the company has been operating as an independent enterprise within the Vester Group. "Mega-Office" offers complex servicing for corporative clients, enterprises and offices.

The main advantage of "Mega-office" is the wide assortment of following goods:
  • stationery; 
  • computers; 
  • office machinery; 
  • expendable materials; 
  • office furniture; - accompanying goods for office. 

The "Delo-stroy" Company

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"Delo-stroy" company has been working on the market of Kaliningrad’s region for more than 10 years. The core company’s specialization is utilities services of enterprises and organizations.

The "Delo-story" company provides with following services:

- construction and repair works, alteration of premises, furniture assembling and installation, other services in utility area;
- all types of electric-installation and electro technical works; 
- replacement, collection and utilization of luminous tubes; 
- all types of works on systems of heating, water supply and sewage; 
- clearance and minor repair of roofs and roofs’ elements; 
- maintenance and repair of elevating building envelopes; 
- maintenance of sewerages; 
- pumping and utilization of fat waste; 
- maintenance and repair of elevators with capacity up to 250kg; 
- cleaning services. 

The Company’s advantages:
- own fleet of specialty vehicles and equipment; 
- modern technologies usage; 
- profitable conditions.

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