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"Remtechservice" company

posted Jan 12, 2012, 1:01 AM by PR manager   [ updated May 24, 2013, 1:27 AM by Vester Media ]
"Remtechservice" company has been working on Kaliningrad’s market for more than 19 years. The company specializes on the repair and maintenance of household appliance, computers and office machineries. The Company also deals with cash-register equipment and its maintenance. Today the “Remtechservice” company serves more than 200 corporative clients.

The "Remtechservice" company offers the following services:

- diagnostics of household appliance with drawing up of report on mechanical condition of units;
- techniques’ repair on short-term conditions; 
- installation and maintenance of air-conditioners; 
- attendance-services; 
- delivery of techniques to the service center 
- preparation of full documentation package for cash-register equipment’s registration in State Tax Office; 
- cartridges refill, replacement of PC-drum, and other details of office machineries; 
- trade of toners, chips, PC-drums and etc. 

Advantages of "Remtechservice" company:

- authorization by the majority of the World’s leading electronics brands (Bosch, Canon, AEG, JVC, Sony, LG, Pioneer, Samsung and e t c);
- reliability, quality and pace of the accomplished works (more than 3500 units monthly); 
- original parts and components by the prices of manufacturers; 
- reception stations in Kaliningrad’s and Sovetsk; - special conditions of service for corporative clients.