1990 - The year of establishment of Vester Company. Its activity the Company started from the supply of office machines supply. The Company’s goal – is to reach the leadership in electronic retail market of Kaliningrad region by 1995.


The chain of the household appliance and electronics’ stores was established. Vester Group proceeded with mastering of new business directions, including whole food and commodity goods’ trade. The Company’s goal for the 1993-1998 – is development of the 17 successful business directions (creation of multiformat chain).


Vester – is the leader of Kaliningrad’s region in retail segment by amount of shopping malls and self-service stores. The company set a new strategic goal: creation of the federal chain and approach to Russian retail market with hypermarket and supermarket’s formats.


The year of establishment of the Federal Chain Vester. First hypermarkets and supermarkets opened in 5 regions of Russia. The Company hold a course for active development in Russia and CIS countries.


Federal chain Vester incorporates about 45 objects in Russian cities with more than 80 000 square meters of total shopping capacity.


Federal Chain Vester approached retail market of the Republic of Belarus. Chain’s total capacity is 125 000 square meters. The changing economy conditions made the Company to correct the strategy goal for optimization of work, maintaining of the business’s efficiency and profitability amid the global financial crisis (2009-2010).


New SBU was established in Vester-Group – the Company “Corporative service”. Moreover, the advertising agency “RIF” has been set is a separate business-direction.


Federal chain Vester opened the third hypermarket in Yaroslavl with 10 000 square meters of shopping capacity. The Company set new business strategy: focus on wealthier consumer. 


Vester Group – is one of the biggest companies in retail area in Kaliningrad’s region. The Company’s made decision to concentrate its development in Kaliningrad’s region with focus on product retail, commercial and residential property.